Auto Loan Programs for Financial Institutions

Offering State-of-the-Art Auto Loan Programs for Financial Institutions.

BCI Financial Corporation offers an Auto Loan Pass Through Program for Financial Institutions throughout the Northeast USA.

With our robust Fiserv System, we also service loan portfolios for third parties.

Our programs are offered to banks and credit unions. Currently we work with over 25 different financial Institutions in the Northeast USA.  We have developed a unique program that allows agent banks and credit unions to place auto loan assets on your books while BCI handles all aspects of the dealer and consumer relationship.

Many institutions have found this to be a great way to diversify a portfolio while keeping efficiency ratios in check.

Questions on our Financial Institution Programs, visit our frequently asked questions page or contact us.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

BCI's Auto Loan Pass-Through Program Advantages


  • Loan sales are offered in various sizes that meet your institutions needs
  • Very good credit quality
  • Strong net yield to your institution
  • Low delinquency
  • Full service, no nonsense, no hassle way to diversify your balance sheet from industry experts


Since 1998 BCI has been selling auto loans to banks and credit unions throughout New England.

We are confident in our knowledge of the business and the ever changing dynamics of the industry.

We partner with dealerships that allow us buy high quality loans that maintain a strong blend of yield and low delinquency.

Our Auto Loan Pass - Through Program


Let our lending and servicing experts work for you!


BCI Financial has sold nearly a half a billion dollars in automobile loans since our inception in 1998.

Our pass-through program has been very successful because it provides our client institutions an easy way to build profitable consumer loan footings without the costly overhead.

The quality of our loans and the ease of using our program has allowed many financial institutions an easy way to add automobile loans on their portfolio.

How the Program Works for our Client Institutions


In summary, here's how our program works:

Step one: We discuss your financial institutions monthly needs and agree on the amount of loans you wish to purchase each month. We review with your team our underwriting criteria which is the basis for the credit decisions made by BCI. We will also agree on any supporting documents you may want us to provide with each loan package presented to your institution for consideration. .

Step two: Each month, we submit a package of loans to you for your review and purchase. The package contains all of the documents previously agreed to (e.g. copy of loan contract, application, credit report, and so on). After you have completed your review of each loan in the package to confirm it meets your underwriting criteria, you fund us for that package. Your staff has the opportunity to look at every loan and you have the right of refusal of any loan in the package.

Step three: BCI Financial fully services all the loans you have purchased. At the end of each month we will provide you detailed monthly reports on all aspects of that process including a detailed accounting of funds collected and paid, trial balance, and delinquency reporting. We remit the funds due to you on a monthly basis.

Types of Loans

BCI is currently offering high quality indirect automobile loans to financial institutions.

These loans have a strong yield and low delinquency. Vehicles are new and late model used.

  • We can offer pools of loans on a pass through basis, in amounts from $250,000 per month to $5,000,000 per month.
  • In bulk pools, in set amounts as low as $2,000,000 on a monthly or quarterly basis. There is no additional fee for lower pools.

Legal Issues

BCI will enter into one contract with your institution, and use that contract as a basis for all future purchases. This will result in the first of many cost savings doing business with BCI Financial.


BCI will handle all aspects of servicing of your loan portfolio. This includes all payment processing, title follow-up, programming, accounting, reporting, customer service and collections.

Still have questions or feedback about our Auto Loan Pass - Through Programs for Financial Institutions, contact us by phone or email and select 'Tim Rourke' or 'Stephen Emory' as the recipient within the drop down list of the email submission form.

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